by Mining Tax

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released December 25, 2015

recorded Christmas Eve, 2015



all rights reserved


Mining Tax Perth, Australia

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Track Name: FIFO Xmas
Santa’s coming and he’s on his way
Dashing over the desert in a chartered plane
Your mum emailed the list and I checked it twice
But the price of nickel’s more naughty than nice

My four week swing over now, santa’s dreamin
Of my rosy-faced children oh how they’ll beam
When dad walks in on Christmas day
Watch the Queen’s Speech on the telly at eight

Thinking 'bout the house and the new carport
And the Asahi and the Heston patties of course
Took an Uber from the airport for the big surprise
Gave the doorbell a jingle to come inside

Santa Claus is coming to town
From Joondalup, Mandurah, Wembley Downs
Santa’s got a slightly lighter sleigh
This FIFO Christmas

No one came to the door so I used the window
Greeted the family with a ho ho ho
Kids in the pool all waved hello
Where the hell bloody are the presents though

Wife said well you could have bloody well have phoned
Mum says she isn’t having fun at the home
Brother said, "Well, I thought the mine closed?"
Felt like I was at the bottom of the Super Pit I was so low

Well we sat down to eat but the son’s gone veg
Munched on lettuce 'til we opened the presents
Kids complaining about their iPhone 9s
Wish I had just stayed up on the site

Santa Claus is coming to town
To Joondalup, Mandurah, Wembley Downs
Santa’s got a slightly lighter sleigh
This FIFO Christmas

And on the first day of Christmas I gave my true loves
Twelve years of private schooling
Eleven Xbox games
Ten widescreen TVs
Nine tickets to Robbie Williams
Eight large Cokes
Seven valley wine tours
Six investment properties
Five golden triangles
Four jetskis
Three chalets
Two speedboats
And a portable mini TV